We strive for results-driven practical impact. Joining forces with like-minded entities allows us to compound our efforts to positively impact the local community.

Our programs encourage:

     -  Positive thinking 

     -  Instill moral character

     -  Help youth break negative generational cycles

     -  Leadership

     -  Growth 

Each program is centered on four pillars Finance, Health, Community and Social.  These four principles make up our compass. We tackle each pillar through exposure, consistency, and collaboration Below are descriptions of our programs.

Annual Teen Summit

Fore Teens Annual Teen Summit is a positive, encouraging and FUN environment to provide youth, and their guardians, with tools and resources needed to transition career dreams into reality!  Join us for a full day of panels and workshops designed for youth who desire to attend college and those who do not. 

Click here's a glimps of 2018 Annual Teen Summit!

Here's what you missed last year!







“Positively Impact Lives through Exposure”

Positive exposure is a major element essential to inspire, especially, at-risk youth to succeed academically, professionally, and personally. Introducing youth to people, places, and things that they would not normally experience in their daily lives, provides positive, unique and educational experiences, which empower them to constructively develop and mature.   Ultimately we aim to invoke hope in their future, pursue active roles in society, and stay true to their dreams and themselves.

Entrepreneurship Program

We guide youth in the development and execution of an idea – an idea they can own. Through application of business concepts and experiential learning, executed in real life experiences, youth successfully transition vocational dreams into reality. In addition to entrepreneurship grounding, we focus on and incorporate economic literacy. 

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