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D.R.E.A.M. is Fore Teen's career exploration and exposure program. D.R.E.A.M. is broken into 5 phases, Discover, Refine, Empower, Achieve, and Make an Impact. During the program participants are provided the tools and knowledge needed to determine their ideal career path rather it be vocational or professional.

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Discover your career interest, gifts, and talents through career exploration and exposure


Refine your career goals and visualize your future


Empowerment through training, workshops, internships, exposure, community service, and preparation for tests and/or certifications


Accomplish your goals and realize your vision with support from mentors, coaches, and accountability partners

Make an Impact

Make an impact by giving back through time, talent, testimony, and/or monetarily; sharing what you learned with others

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During the Discover (virtual edition) phase of the D.R.E.A.M. program, participants will take the first step in discovering their career interest by identifying their interest, gifts, and talents.  Over the course of 8 months the program participants will explore 16 career focus areas and select 3 to explore in detail.  We guide the participants in identifying their career focus area through interests assessments, virtual career exposure events, virtual career mentoring, virtual speakers events, and journaling.  The requirements below must be complete in order to successfully complete this phase of the program.

Registration Requirements:

  • Complete Career Interest Survey prior to registration

Program Requirements: 

  • Complete monthly journal entry

  • Attend and participate in events by asking and answering questions

  • Commit to meeting with mentor weekly

        - Ask questions

        - Complete tasks given to you

Program Includes 8 Months of the Following: 

  • Bi-Weekly Speakers

  • Career Exploration 

  • Career Exposure Opportunities 

  • Career Advisement/Mentoring

  • Workbook

  • Book - "Careers: The Graphic Guide to Planning Your Future" by DK

Download monthly schedule here.

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